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Will The Storm Rage On?

Do you remember sitting at your grandparents home when a thunderstorm rolled in and they would have you sit in the center of the home and be quiet? Wow that seems so long ago! People were more reverent back then - especially of something as dangerous as a storm. Yet in all her danger, the storm brings life. They purify the air. The lightening from these storms superheat nitrogen in the atmosphere and allow it to rain down onto the surface to fertilize the plants. But disrespect a storm: at sea, on the lake, the golf course or in an airplane and she will show you who's the boss. Faster than you can blink the wind from a Thunderstorm will take down a 300,000 pound airliner. The potential for good and for damage hides deep within each storm cell. The same can be said for you.

Today you have a choice. Either you will rage on bringing destruction or you will rise above and use your unique gifts to influence others and help them mature and grow.

Think about it! Think about your purpose and your future. Choose to react to benefit your environment. You can do it!

"A gentle answer stops anger" (Proverbs 15).

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