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Calm AFTER the storm

Last night a powerful thunderstorm ripped through our little town. Thunder, lightening, gusty wind and some property damage were all products of this storm. Yet when I sit here this morning I feel a cool calm breeze that the storm is over. I’m relaxed, at peace, even thankful for the rain. How about you?

Sometimes this is not true of the human experience. After the turmoil of a bad relationship, a terrible choice or overcoming an addiction, we can’t seem to find calm - a grateful, peaceful heart. Many times this sense of despair leads to more bad choices and the cycle continues.

Today, I encourage you to find gratefulness even AFTER the storm. Forgive those in the past - this is about you-not them. Release yourself from the bondage of your own, purposeful errors. Find calm.

We can help! Give us a call at Sandhills Best Care: 910-562-9882. You can be free and find a calm and peaceful future - even with a tumultuous past. #ThereIsHope

We are here, we believe in you and we pray for you daily.

-Jason Gainey

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