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Welcome to Sandhills Behavioral Care

Welcome! I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Sandhills Behavioral Care is a comprehensive outpatient mental health clinic committed to providing holistic, culturally competent psychiatric care to promote and improve the mental well-being of your community. We are located at 523 Rockingham Rd. in Rockingham, NC. Feel free to give us a call at 910-562-9882 or email us at:

Sincerely, Jason R. Gainey

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It isn't easy putting sound to some of the thoughts that fuel my depression through guilt, envy, fear, pain and believe it or not happiness which I suppose would fall under fear with the subtitle, paranoia. Though not my first experience with therapy, I have benefited greatly from doing just that. Not always to my therapist but through exercises we've discussed, prayer and of course being honest with myself. Thank you C. Blake and Sandhills Behavorial Care.

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