Primary Care Services

•    Adolescent and Adult Medication Management 

•    Acute and Chronic Illnesses

•    Personalized Treatment

Behavioral Health Services

Medication Management Services

•    Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychopharmacology Treatment
•    Thorough clinical evaluation to determine optimal treatment 
•    Personalized Treatment
•    Pharmacogenetic Testing
•    Evidence-Based Practice
•    Opioid Medication Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine


Therapy Services
•    Behavior Therapy
•    Cognitive Therapy
•    Exposure Therapy
•    Interpersonal Therapy
•    Play Therapy
•    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
•    Psychoeducation
•    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
•    Motivational Interviewing
•    Family Therapy
•    Addiction Therapy
•    Grief and Loss Therapy



"Dr. Gainey helped me get off most of my medication and find the right medicine. I appreciate her thoughtful care."

A Satisfied Patient

"Dr. Gainey and Ms. Richardson make a great team and have helped my son so much. Thank you!" 

A Satisfied Patient

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